Our retirement planning options are generally focussed on retirement annuities unit trusts and listed companies, where we also recommend property as a component of such retirement planning. This element of a person’s whole financial planning exercise is often a much neglected one. We see that society in general has not and is not making adequate preparation for retirement or have a component of saving even for the proverbial rainy day.
We provide service to employers to establish pension or provident funds for their employees, that becomes a forced saving by being a compulsory condition of employment. The spin off for companies is that staff retirement funding reduces staff turnover as it brings a sense of permanency to their employment.
We also provide group scheme cover for lower income staff that cannot afford to belong to a comprehensive pension or provident fund, which includes a savings component that fits within the budgets of both the employer as well as the employees to address retirement as well as death and disability needs. The industry is very well equipped to handle the needs of all levels of society’s financial classes.
General savings is an important recommendation that all should have in their repertoire of financial needs particular in providing for education.

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