Life Assurance

We offer a FREE Financial Needs Analysis to establish a person’s financial requirements upon death and/or disability, in order to determine a family’s need for an ongoing income stream, that will take care of the family should the breadwinner expire or become disabled.
There is a move from the traditional lump sum payout for permanent disability to an income based cover for even temporary incapacity, where a person can enjoy a monthly income. Such income can be structured to pay out from a person being off work for a period of only seven days, retrospect to day one, subject to certain criteria. The cost of this cover is in most cases less than vehicle insurance.
Because the incidence of critical illness is on the rise which often leads to temporary and permanent disability, it is recommended that a component of cover to address dreaded disease be added to any life and/or disability cover. Some companies now regard even accidental injury under the banner of critical illness.

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