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Levator Wealth was established as a Close Corporation in 2007, after going through a few name changes, with forty-two years’ experience in the insurance and investment industry. The company is a brokerage that offers services in Life assurance, Investments, including pension and provident funds, after retirement planning, Group Schemes, Short Term insurance and Medical Aids. As part of our service, besides financial planning that encompasses all the above, is that we offer to draw up wills to facilitate the final needs of our clients, to administering their estates. We pride ourselves in our personal service to the community where all of society’s financial needs can be taken care of under a single umbrella.

Income Protection

Income protection is a insurance policy, designed to replace your income in circumstances where you are unable to work because you’re ill or injured.It will continue to do so until you retire, are able to return to work or upon death .

Life Assurance

We will find the right Life Assurance cover for your specific needs. We have a wide range of Life Insurance solutions that offer choice and flexibility, and to suit your current life stage. Levator Wealth enables you to get an online quote speedily for financial protection for illness, injury, disability, life cover or death.

Car and Home Insurance

Have peace of mind knowing we will get the right cover for your cars, trailers or motorcycles ,building and building contents.We’re passionate about what we do and we’re here for you every step of the way whether its personal , small business or large operation.


Specifically, if your employer does not provide pension or provident funds benefits, or you as employer company need one, a retirement annuity is a great way to invest with tax-free money.


We will find the premium healthcare cover at affordable pricing . We can help you find the best medical aid cover option to suit your individual or family needs and company needs . We will make sure that your health is in good hands .


You want to keep your money safe and let it grow, but how do you do it? By approaching investing differently. There is always a better way, and a better answer. Whether big or small, with our wide range of saving and investment solutions; and our unique approach to investing, we can help you achieve your investment goals.

Our service to the Short Term needs of the community is very comprehensive. We cover domestic requirements ranging from motor vehicles only to home contents and buildings. Added to this are personal caravans, trailers and small water craft. This includes body corporate insurance as well. On the commercial front we are capable of handling all forms of cover through the whole spectrum of fixed property, plant and equipment, all vehicles from bakkies to trucks, buses and large transport rigs. All forms of manufacture and agricultural needs fall into this category of our commercial offerings.

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